Category Introduction :

A B-School competition shapes the lives of students in different ways, providing learning opportunities beyond the confines of the traditional classroom. Working on case studies & real-life business challenges benefits students in understanding the corporate environment.

According to Dare2Compete, LIME is India's prestigious competition among the top business schools.

Brand Introduction:

L.I.M.E. is a platform that was jointly launched by CNBC-TV18 and HUL in 2009. It offers an opportunity to India's top B-Schools, to take part in a marketing case study competition & also gives the companies a chance to interact with the brightest MBA's.


'Season XII' saw a different avatar of LIME, while being completely digital, it also introduced everyone to the unseen side of 'Marketing'. The content creators highlighted the unintentional, unique, quirky or eye-catching style of marketing that's different from the traditional side, through #MarketingIsBusiness

Problem Statement/Objective:

The core objective was to create awareness about 'Marketing' as not only a source of revenue generation but also a medium to connect with the audience. Amidst these digital times, the vision was to showcase marketing scenarios in our everyday life before the new normal. The scenarios that we see but don't relate to it from a marketer's point of view.


Sociomark's task was to create buzz around #MarketingIsBusiness & in a way showcase the vision of LIME. A campaign that resonates with the life of MBA students & represents the unexplored side of 'Marketing'

Creative Idea :

Our everyday life displays different insights to a marketer, the idea was to redefine everyone's relationship with 'Marketing'. Your neighbourhood Sabjiwala may be a seller at the end, but his storytelling abilities will surely ensure your return. The beach may have a picturesque view but the smell of the street food adds the icing on the cake. Portraying the unseen side of a marketer's 'point of view' was basically the idea behind this collaboration with the creators.


The biggest challenge was conveying this perspective amidst a new normal. Finding the right content creators in the marketing niche, so that the message gets a powerful boost while reaching the audience.


The 3-month long campaign revealed how the world will look through the lens of 'Marketing' in the above ways -

  • Daily life scenarios of #MarketingIsBusiness with a minimalistic approach
  • What if we relate the marketing efforts through our senses?
  • Creating a trending format that represents #MarketingIsBusiness

Content creators like Social Media Dissect, The Ad Network & various other individual influencers came on board to reveal the other side of Marketing, which is sometimes unintentional, unique or eye-catching.

Trending format with the Content Creators
Social Media Dissect
The Ad Network

With a purely organic approach, the campaign hashtag was pushed from 10 to 1000+ over the span of just one week and the creators alone achieved