The Problem:

When Eduauraa came to Sociomark, they had two problems:
A) They had extremely low website visitors.
B) They’d had poor experiences with other SEO agencies.
Eduauraa Technologies wants to empower kids with one of the best interactive learning experiences, give wings to their dreams through #SapnoKiAzadi our goal of affordable high-quality education makes us the 'favorite' among children & parents.
Their issue was that they worked with other agencies before. They promised them that they’d do optimization tweaks, or other “magic” fixes that would lead to big results.

The Strategy:

Our first step was finding the appropriate keywords for Eduauraa. We decided to target two separate groups of keywords:
1) Free Education Solutions
2) “WH” Blog Topics

Free Education Resources would be focused on keywords like “ncert exemplar for neet,” “class 6 maths icse syllabus,” and “icse 7th class maths syllabus”.

“WH Question” Blog topics would be focused on more specific keywords, like “who discovered studies,” and “what is magnitude in physics.”

We then took these types of keywords, examined the search behavior behind them, and wrote website and blog copy to target the search intent behind the people using them.

The Results

Let’s compare — April 2022 to Sept 2022.

Month August 2021 September 2021 October 2021
Organic Users 20,800 30,458 48,300

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