Ayushakti is an Ayurvedic brand healing chronic diseases naturally since 1987, with the vision and mission to treat people globally with ancient proven solutions. The brief given to us was to focus on
A) creating Awareness about Ayurveda as the best healing solution for chronic diseases.
B) To generate quality leads through Digital marketing platforms.


The barrier was to break through the current perception of people about Ayurveda.Due to modern science and swift treatment, the reliability of Ayurveda and ancient healing had decreased. Keeping these obstacles in mind, we tried to create a feasible yet resourceful option through 360-degree digital solutions.


Our objective was to increase brand awareness, get more quality leads and create a social media buzz. With regards to the wide range of services and treatments provided by the brand, our target audience is humongous. Our motto was to route people towards Siddha Veda and ancient healing practices.


Our solutions included social media creatives,digital ads, email marketing, SEO analytics, influencer marketing, blog writing and website development. Therefore, we focused on showing the other side of Ayurveda and started giving human touch in our creative copies and ads which helped us connect with people for a longer period.


Our initiative included changing the creative dynamics from textual content to more appealing, readable and shareable content. Such flexibility and transformation helped us engage our audience and made the brand look reliable. Also streamlining the posting schedules and bringing it down to 1-2 posts in a day to get higher reach and engagement.

We started with promoting various treatments, health awareness & health-related content, home remedies, promoting products and services & creating landing pages for specific treatment with detailed content. With great video content and real stories of clients available, we started focusing on creating and pushing more youtube driven content to bring in organic footfalls at the clinics.


We executed a 360° digital marketing strategy for our client which includes -

  • Website Design & Development
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content writing
  • SEO
  • Digital paid advertising
  • Email marketing
  • Influencer marketing
  • Print designs
  • Offline Design Collaterals
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Whatsapp
  • Tiktok


Community Growth




Youtube Video Views


Facebook Video Views






Primary goal being quality leads and maximum clinic visits. Our campaign started with the creation of a mobile responsive treatment wise landing pages, to ensure we get maximum leads online.

Using a variety of platforms like facebook, instagram, twitter, youtube and introducing LinkedIn, Hotstar, Tiktok we achieved a massive response number of 23,874+ Leads (Organic + Paid) in past 1 year with average CPL of Rs.350

  • OTT platform Hotstar AdServe offered us a wide range of targeting options that helped us to spread more awareness. We Got 54.3K impressions in a brand awareness campaign in 30 Days
  • Trying different platforms to generate leads, Tiktok was one of them. It was on hype in the year 2019, taking the advantage of mass reach Stress relief campaign was a success on TikTok.
  • Ultimate goal being to drive more conversions through google ads, Display campaigns worked best for Ayushakti. Lead growth improved by 60% and conversion went up by 33%.
    Some of the best performing ads are:
  • Facebook ads were created with all the objectives such as Brand reach, brand awareness, website traffic, engagement, conversions, store visits, product promotion and lastly lead generation. Remarketing helped us reach our targets. Conversion rate was improved by 47% and saw a lead growth by 73%. We got 19.6M reach , 40.6M impressions , 6% CTA. Some of our best performing ads are:
PCOD Campaign







Stress Relief Campaign







Email marketing is an effective way to reach existing potential leads. It’s the most direct and efficient way of communicating with your leads and turning them into customers, by giving promotional kits such as e-books, company updates, home remedies, recipes, etc.

Influencer marketing

Partnering with influencers helps boost brand reach and awareness. We partnered with Influencers and we saw a good increase in clinic footfalls by 1%

Website Development

Developing a website is similar to building a new identity for your business. Ayushakti's website needed a total makeover in its operational framework. When we were handed the project, Ayushakti's website had a completely non-transactional approach & integration. It was more of a spiritual healing representation, rather than an E-commerce website for Ayurveda. This was a big problem, as E-commerce was just a one-table page & a big enquiry form, which hardly generated leads for the company's products. It was not a customer-friendly website & the performance was downgrading the brand's overall business growth.

SEO's main impact is through the blogs that we upload on our website. Ayushakti's website was hosted on a third-party server, because of which the optimization wasn't considered at all. We figured out the below complications that needed to be resolved before developing a new framework for the business -

  • The original website didn't have a user-friendly interface
  • Its pages were not SEO friendly
  • The communication didn't have any clear call to actions like a subscription to newsletters,Book Appointment Etc.
  • There was no data collection & proposition throughout the website

Therefore, we gave it a completely new & revamped look! Wherein, we executed the development from scratch & attained a seamless integration for both the brand and its audience.

Some of the Important sections of our execution:
  • Website Layout for E-Commerce
  • Inserted & Listed the Products & Categories
  • Shopping Cart
  • User Registration & Login Systems
  • Checkout System
  • Razorpay Integration System
  • Admin Panel for E-Commerce
  • Uploading the E-Commerce to Online Server
  • Blog panel
  • Third party API Integration like ERP, Freshsales, MailChimp, Geolocation
Seamless Integration for a user friendly interface
  • Uploading products & inventory management
  • Shipping/Order management panel
  • Appointment Panel
  • Report Dashboard for sales
  • Blog and Blog Comment panel
Overall Performance Impact

Sales went up by

46.12 %

Page Visits went up by


Bounce rate went down by



Ayushakti wanted to rank their website organically so that the brand Ayushakti can be visible on the search results of the google. Ayushakti having over 32 years of experience in the field of Ayurveda were looking to rank on keywords related to Ayurveda and ayurvedic clinic.
Steps taken for SEO

  • Backlink Blog posting on different topics on Free Blogging Sites
  • Answering ayurvedic related questions on Quora
  • Directory Submissions
  • On page meta tag optimization of all the pages
  • Interlinking of Blog related pages on the website
  • Proper interlinking of other static pages with home page
  • Maintaining and optimizing Google My Business

Screenshot of Google search console (Organic Traffic)

In the above image we have shown the total clicks, impression, CTR (Click Through Rate), and average position of Ayushakti website. After properly analysing and optimizing the on page of Ayushakti website, the numbers have increased significantly.

In the above image, we have shown the total page views, average time on site, and other data. This data is from January 1, 2019 to October 1, 2020. You can see a gradual increase in the numbers. This is due to having a well optimized and good UI website.

Total Organic Users

Rank Boost after optimization

Once the website was properly optimized and also other SEO activities were done properly, there was an increase in the ranking of local keywords. Some of the keywords where Ayushakti is ranking on the first page of search result are

  • Best ayurvedic hospital in Mumbai- Monthly 90 searches
  • Best ayurvedic clinic in Mumbai- Monthly 30 Searches
  • Ayurvedic clinic in Mumbai- Monthly 110 Searches
  • Ayurvedic Hospital in Mumbai- Monthly 48 Searches
Google My Business Optimisation for Ayushaki

Google My Business is a part of SEO. Optimising the GMB is very important so that you rank on local listing. Ayushakti has over 20 ayurvedic centres across Mumbai and India. GMB helps in getting leads on lead generation keywords. When the GMB was optimized properly, there was an increase in the number of calls, direction request and searches

Once we started ranking on local keywords, there was an increase in the number of google reviews over the period of time. People started writing reviews on how they were satisfied with the treatment they received at Ayushakti. This gave a boost to other Ayushakti centre pages to rank on the local search.

Google My Business Insights (From Jan 2019-September 2020)


Total Views (Search and Maps)


Total Website Visits


Total Direction Requests


Total Phone Calls

Lastly SEO has greatly helped in increase in the people visiting Ayushakti. Not only this, SEO has also helped Ayushakti in building the brand organically and standing out from its competitors.


Here are few print sample creatives for Arthritis treatment published in regional languages.


We converted their textual email with creative emails to attract their subscribers by installing Mailchimp and creating segment groups to send out relevant emailers to relevant target audience.

Still Not Convinced?

Hear it from Dr. Smita Naram, Co-Founder of Ayushakti Ayurved on associating her brand with us.