The Problem:

When Expert4Travel came to Sociomark, they had 2 objectives:
A) They had extremely low website visitors.
B) Need to increase organic traffic and organic ranking.
Expert4Travel believes in leveraging human expertise, a platform that offers a range of features such as search options for suitable trip ideas & inspiration from the travel tales crafted by a community of travel experts.

The Strategy:

Our first step was creating a content strategy based on the below category.
1) Places to visit
2) Hotel Reviews
3) Famous foods reviews as per location

We then added content related to “Places to visit” as it has high monthly searches.

We then took these types of keywords, examined the search behavior behind them, and wrote website and blog copy to target the search intent behind the people using them.

We also started publishing web stories that helped us gain traffic from Google Discover.

The Results

Let’s compare — April 2022 to Sept 2022.

Month April 2022 May 2022 June 2022 July 2022 August 2022 Sept 2022
Organic Users 100 140 144 5089 1190 3251

Approx 3000% increase in organic visitors within 6 months.

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