The Problem:

When Shahenaz came to Sociomark, they had 2 objectives:
A) Want to rank on the first page for many of their product related keywords.
B) Increase foot falls in their 12 stores across India.

The Strategy:

Our first step was creating a content strategy based on the below category
1) Clothing
2) Home Decor
3) Bedroom Lenin

We then added content to the category pages and internally linked to the product pages.

We then took transactional keywords, examined the search behavior behind them, and wrote website and blog copy to target the search intent behind the people using them.

We created Google listing on their 12 stores, and optimized it by adding images, content, reviews and other citation listings to improve local seo.

The Results

Let’s compare — Nov 2022 to Jan 2023.

Month Nov 2022 Jan 2023
Organic Users 564 785

Approx 21% increase in organic visitors within 3 months.

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