#ButtonDabaoDeshBanao an Inimitable Campaign Encouraging Voters to Make Their ‘Right to Vote’

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Network18 won Gold award for 'Button Dabao Desh Banao' for the Best Use of Social Media.

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The Right to Vote is a right given to the people by democracy. It’s a responsibility of every citizen to vote in elections. It’s our right to determine who will govern the country. Network18 take up this initiative for encouraging voters to exercise their right in general elections. This initiative was executed with an idea of #ButtonDabaoDeshBanao


We ourselves create a lot of obstacles in forming our government by not casting vote as it may be because of the age, social, race and economic class.

Young generation are often or too busy and have little stake for elections.

People are showing apathy towards elections as they find no difference by changing government. Hence, they seem alienated when it comes for voting.


The sole purpose was to encourage the young, first time voters and to the people who don’t cast their vote as a right. Our mission was to persuade such voters to cast their vote and utilize their right. We as a social media marketing agency want to induce the importance of ‘Right to Vote’ mentioned in Indian Constitution.


Our Creative and content team deemed to attract the young voters who were voting for the first time and the voters who do not vote on the given holiday for the same. Also, everyone else on the different media outlets was creating awareness regarding right to vote. Hence, our digital marketing agency needs to stand different from them and need to create a unique path which will make voters realize their importance of voting.


Our solution includes the #ButtonDabaoDeshBanao. Under this hash tag we went from creating different ideas with fillers, memes, campaigns, factoids, countdowns and many more. The ideas include creative such as-

  • Longer the Line, Stronger the Nation
  • Kab Aur Kahan
  • Why 18 is Special
  • United We Stand- joining hands
  • Together We Elect Our leader
  • Did you know
  • Service voters
  • Be a Game Changer

Our campaign started with the #ButtonDabaoDeshBanao which started from the tenure from 9 th April to 20 th May, Lok Sabha 2019 that endeavors to make people cast their vote. The campaign was highlighted by Network18’s extensive television channels, social media handles, Print and other OTT platforms. The reach was entirely performed by Network18 group. The campaign adds ups:

Daily designs and memes on Social media Handles:

‘Make your Vote your Voice’ clips were uploaded on daily basis on all social media handles and similarly in other languages including Hindi under the name of ‘Apne vote ko apni Awaaz banao’. Similar short videos were added as ‘Longer the line, stronger the nation’ to encourage people for voting. It also includes different memes and other creative designs.

Digital Marketing Agency in Mumbai
Digital Marketing Company in Mumbai
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Voting facilities:

This post includes the information relating to what all services the voter will get on voting booth. It includes Crecheservice, toilet service, medical kit, ramp, and Handicapped service, Defense, Tents and Voter Verified Printer Audit Trial etc.

Different information related to voting dates:

With the #KabAurKahan we represent the country elections urging every voter to go out and vote. Information regarding phases of elections was shared on social media outlets under the #ButtonDabaoDeshBanao. All the gen were updated regarding the seven phases of Lok Sabha Elections 2019 under the title ‘Kab aur Kahan’

Insights of voting and elections:

This includes the different facts regarding the voting and elections conducted so far. With the title ‘Did You Know’ it mention gen about EVM, age limit for voting, the highest polling station, First man to vote, number of polling station, Expenditure on elections, know about women at polling booth, female and male voters, Ratio of voters, Third gender, first time, Oversea voters, and many more.

Importance of vote:

It includes short videos like 'Why 18 is so special?' United we Stand under the #ButtonDabaoDeshBanao


With the Lok Sabha elections 2019 and with the tight deadline starting from April to May, our campaign reach speeded up as it was made up by all Network18 channels which include bytes of politicians, celebs and social workers urging people to make a move of casting vote taken by channels reporters which brainstormed our #ButtonDabaoDeshBanao with maximum reach.

Social Media Agency in Mumbai
Social Media Company in Mumbai

With the total impression of 2.7B, the campaign was successful in making the reach of 32M. The unique and innovative digital marketing strategy of posting around 11.6K posts on social media outlets which were shared by 3.9K users around the country.

Digital Marketing Agency in Mumbai
Digital Marketing Company in Mumbai
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