Whatsapp Introduces Product Catalogue

The small entrepreneurs do well with minimum resource & finance, yet set their mission to grow & earn more. Among the two ways, they opt for the cost & time-effective way, but that brings a little stress. However, we can't earn - until the struggle is real. But WhatsApp seems to bring out simple features to help & boost the productivity & reach of small-scale businesses towards their target audience.

Now, in WhatsApp For Business, the company has launched this amazing new feature, called Product Catalogue that will now benefit the small-scale businesses to expand their market & showcase their products to their customers. Earlier, the businesses need to send each & every image through an external site. But with such a feature, they can easily present their products to the clients.


This feature applies to the one who uses the WhatsApp For Business app for their business. The catalogue is the mobile storefront where they can showcase their product's information along with photographs at a single place. Hence, making it easy for the customers to browse the products they would like to buy. Business can also add the price range, description, product code, and many more. This can save storage space for both businesses as well as the customers.


WhatsApp has released a video guide to know how to use the feature. This feature had been stated at Facebook's annual developers' meet in May this year. It is available to businesses using the WhatsApp For Business app on both Android and iOS in Brazil, Germany, India, Indonesia, Mexico, the UK, and the US.

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