Imminent Foresights Of Social Media Marketing

People these days are busy with their Christmas shopping & predictions on what ‘new’ the year 2020 will bring them. Similarly, social media users are predicting trends that can emerge in 2020. The tech-savvy, as well as the digital marketers, are always looking for something new which they can acquire into their business. What's next? Here are some of the predictions based on 2019's experiences, which may be or may not be good for Digital marketing.


Instagram & Facebook tested the update where they are hiding the number of likes & making it private to the user. The purpose of this move is to improve people’s sense of well-being; it could expand to more countries or even roll out to everyone. The goal here is to make people comfortable expressing themselves. It wants users to focus on the quality of what they are sharing and how it connects them with others, not just increasing the number of likes. Facebook's growth and data science teams even say - getting rid of the likes may be an effective strategy for getting users to post more original content. So, 2020 may only show "and others" & not numbers for your postings.


The growing buzz of TikTok is the 'next big thing' that will be evolving in the field of social media marketing. After replacing in 2017, TikTok has now been downloaded over a billion times. It has started experimenting with ads & have launched certain different features like filtering out comments by keyword, and offers a range of controls over profile and content privacy, including the ability to define who can comment on your videos, and much more. In addition to this, it has also recently launched a new video series to help educate users on ensuring safety within the app. It will be worth watching TikTok's growth in the coming future and using this platform as an effective marketing strategy.


The rise of influencer outreach is attaining new heights. Instead of promoting the brand with a large number of consumers, all are focusing on the personalities, who are experts in that particular field & have a big audience to reach. Most influencer campaigns have some sort of social-media component, whereby influencers are expected to spread the word through their social channels. In 2020, it is said that 59% of marketers will maximize their influencer marketing budget. So, gear up to get influenced!



The social media trends have updated enormously in 2019. 'Stories', the feature which was meant only for Snapchat is now available on Youtube, Facebook & Instagram. The ‘story’ & ‘going live’ option will soon be used by the marketers frequently, for disclosing new brands, sales offers, as it has the limitation of disappearing(within 24 hours). So, keep a tap on the stories & be ready to grab the exciting deals!


Chatbots are nothing but the pre-written automated answers to the queries of the customers. Algorithms have been improvising Chatbots, they will now be able to talk to multiple people at the same time. In the year 2020, Chatbot intelligence will continue to grow, which will see more consumers taking them up, and more brands catching that trend.

These simple yet cost-saving marketing tactics seem to be helpful in the prominent year 2020. Along with the growing needs, these dynamic marketing tools will be updated & improvised with more related shifts. However, one must know how efficiently it can be used.

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Author - Darwin Anthony (Social Media Manager)

Reviewed By : Heta Baandal , Managing Director - Sociomark

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