Whatsapp Business- A Smart Marketing Tool For Small Businesses

With 200 million users, WhatsApp has jumped from everyday messenger to WhatsApp Business for the budding business groups to reach their clients for promoting their businesses. Here’s a list to know why it’s the smart marketing tool.


WhatsApp, a comprehensive way of communication has made life easy for users to stay connected to multiple contacts at a time. Hence, WhatsApp Business is a good cost-effective app which can keep you in touch with customers instead of installing different apps and investing hefty amounts.


Specific Business Profile- it allows you to fill in your business details in a specific manner along with office address, contact and website links.

Smart Promotion- helps you to be in regular touch with your audience for promoting and disclosing different offers overall, only by sharing pictures and short posts.

Privacy Concern- the client’s privacy is highly maintained when you keep the business talk personal.

Quick Services- WhatsApp Business provides you quick services with different instant replies which are used for frequently asked questions, greetings for introducing business to customers and away messages are used when the owner is busy & can be set by different unique features.

Easy To Manage- it’s so easy that you can manage it from both mobile and your computer.

Authenticity- the green tick gives credibility to your business. With such great features, from the creation of a business profile to quick services to maintaining clients, Whatsapp Business helps you to grow with better customer services and cost-effective promotion of your business.



Assume that you are a local entrepreneur who wants to promote his business by telling the clients about the discount rates on the products. So, just add in your details on WhatsApp Business and reach to your customers soon. Therefore, the messages regarding your offers should grab attention, the pictures/images should be eye-catchy and the captions should be of interest for the clients, which will make them buy the products.


No, it’s not at all. It’s very easy as you have to merge your phone contacts and keep your status related to your various offers. Also, you can convey your offers through personal messages to promote your products and services. However, for good and effective marketing, you need a team of good digital marketers. Sociomark, a digital marketing company, ready to give you complete guidance and handle all your work to make your customers happy. An expert team at Sociomark will provide a complete marketing solution related to effective pictures, best captions and catchy content. Our services include Website Design and Development, Graphics Design, Content Writing and many more. Reach us and grow more!

Author: Heta Desai (Managing Director)

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