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 "Pandemic" - a disease which is prevalent over a whole country and the world; this decade witnessed it's second in the name of COVID-19. As of writing this, Maharashtra becomes the third state to extend the 21-day lockdown of India. It seems highly unusual that we won't stop these containment measures until we are certain.

Now that we are stuck at home, many people wonder what to do & what not to do; but let's not forget the most important thing that connects us. Let's see how the online world can help you cope with Social Distancing.

As we all are facing the same hurdle in these dire times, it's time to think inside the box for finding inspiration and adapting to this drastic change.


The number one thing that comes to our mind, while we’re remotely trying to communicate with the outside world – ‘How to stay connected’. Let it be Work, Family Chit-Chat, Video calls with the gang or the loved ones, there are immense options which you can opt as per your convenience. Different than the usual’s like WhatsApp, FB Messanger & Skype, there are others - which have been emerged as the potential highlights of this COVID-19 phase.

A video-conferencing application that quickly gained popularity amidst this pandemic-enforced lockdown. According to a US-based App Analytics provider, it is India's 3rd most downloaded app after TikTok & WhatsApp. A platform with dedicated workspaces allowing video & audio meetings, collaborations & chat, making it the go-to portal for not only office gatherings but also virtual classes for Schools/Colleges.


While you can also 'zoom' in on productivity, for your WFH duration, there are some other options that you should consider too. As it is significant to maintain consistency with prioritizing tasks in an organized way and collaborate efficiently, some of the best choices would be-

1) Google Suite Apps
2) Slack
3) Trello
4) Microsoft Teams
5) TeamViewer


A social media app that enables group video-chatting through mobiles & desktops. It is like any other video collaboration, but the difference is it allows you to host a virtual party at your house. You can add as many friends as you want to, and the app will let the users play in-built games together. Think of it as a virtual drawing room where you are staying with your friends, a great way to throw a house party amidst this lockdown.



The UN estimates that 1.25+ Billion children are currently home as a result of the lockdown; most nations of the world have temporarily closed pre-primary to higher-education institutions.

Several ed-tech firms have risen to these challenging times as they are offering their content on heavy discounts and in some cases free of cost. The government too is doing its bit to facilitate e-learning through its platform SWAYAM - A wide range of online courses catering to school, college and university students have been made available free of cost in wake of the Coronavirus lockdown.

The below list of educational applications, platforms & resource aims to help parents, teachers & school authorities; they facilitate student learning & interaction amidst this on-going crisis.

1. Google Classroom
2. Byju's
3. EkStep
4. EdX
5. Coursera
7. Khan Academy
8. WHO's mental health & psychological guidance during COVID-19
9. Discovery Education
10. Mindspark


Yes, it is far more tempting to work, study or do any productive activity at the comfort of your home (probably the thought of staying in your pyjamas). However, it is considerably more important - that you give higher priority to your wellbeing. Healthcare is a major topic of concern, considering the current circumstances and there is also a rise in the feeling of uncertainty and panic amongst people.

Well, you may have come across a lot of self-proclaimed pieces of advice from a majority of unknown sources. These just exist to divert the mind from reality, although they might be unintentional sometimes - but can cause trouble. Below is the list of websites that are ideally recommended to be followed, amidst this chaos of fake information.

1. World Health Organization
2. Ministry of Health & Family Welfare
3. National Health Portal of India
4. Ministry of AYUSH
5. National Institutes of Health
6. Healthline
7. Harvard Health
8. Practo
9. The Live Love Laugh Foundation
10. KidsHealth

You may find the most basic things 'common' in these sources, about maintaining your health during this lockdown. These include - following proper nutrition, sticking to a routine, controlling the stress & consistently exercising. You can also do Yoga, Meditation & Other physical workouts with the help of YouTube, the biggest source of information & entertainment - globally.


You are currently facing a nationwide extended lockdown. Yes, it sounded quite interesting at the initial stage - but now you're struck by BOREDOM. Let's not overdo it, if you have just finished your Netflix or Amazon Prime session and thinking of something else now, you still have plenty of options for entertainment & learning. Below is the list of some activities that you can do using the Internet and have fun with it.

1. Playing games like Ludo, Psych, UNO, Tambola(Bingo) etc. with your friends & family
2. Google's Arts & Culture section allows users to explore some of the wonders of the world - Online.
3. Have a Karaoke night with your friends, turning your smartphone into a mic
4. Listen to Podcast's once in a while, on topics of your interest
5. Try cooking something new through online videos
6. Always wanted to learn a different language? Now is the time
7. Start something of your own (a hobby that you always had in mind, e.g. Blog)
9. Take up that dance session
9. Nikon is offering a free Photography class if you're interested
10. Explore the Social Media of your favourite personalities and interact, as they are remaining highly active during this lockdown for their fans


We have witnessed an unprecedented rise in screen time, a 25% increase in engagement on Instagram and TikTok in the past month and a staggering 72% increase on ad content by influencers, during this lockdown. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok and Twitch are all platforms that have seen the use of 'Live' function double in the past week.

The point is - If you are worried about your business going down as a result of this pandemic lockdown, you are missing out on a huge opportunity. Now is the time to tell stories, generate more content & connect more with your audience. Let us know if you need any support with that!

To wrap up, the online world can be a great companion to go through this storm. It depends on how your perspective towards this medium is, it can be good or bad - but a controlled approach of using it can be fruitful in a lot of ways.

Stay Safe | Stay Home


Author: Heta Desai (Managing Director)

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