Adopting innovative ways to deliver seamless customer engagement

How will chatbots change the future?

“Changing the way businesses and customers interact”, that's what caused the domination. Over 50% of customers expect a business to be open 24/7, that's why Facebook has over 300,000 Chatbots!

An application that streamlines the interaction between people & services, enhancing customer experience. It's basically designed to simplify the communication between Humans & Computers

The number one reason why you need chatbots for your business is that AI will be a regular customer experience investment in the next few years. In fact, businesses must adopt innovative ways to deliver continuous customer engagement in this new normal.


Chatbot Domination 1

It creates a seamless experience through its omnichannel presence. Customers or users nowadays want to be able to take a query to a company via Facebook Messenger or maybe ask about a booking on a website. You would always want to make their journey with you easier and smoother, Chatbots are a key element of communication for achieving that.

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Simple chatbots deliver pre-packaged answers while AI-powered chatbots create more flexible responses. Here's how an AI-powered Chatbot differs:

User: Hey, until what time is your store open in Andheri today?

Simple chatbot: Hi! We’re open until 8 pm today.

AI Chatbot: Hi Sameer! We’re open until 8 pm today. It will be raining in Andheri, so don't forget to bring your umbrella!


Chatbot Domination 2

56% say engagement through messaging is ROI positive & 58% say it reduces costs. Chatbots is an essential technology, which if adopted, can deliver excellent customer service and delightful experience. One of the top powerful ways it can transform your customer experience & eventually business are -

1) Customers can engage with a chatbot in much the same way they would in an online conversation with live customer support employees

2) Your support staff may need rest, but the chatbot is available 24/7

3) The purchasing process becomes smooth, your chatbot can pop any product page to offer additional information, video or a discount code

4) Flexibility of chatbots allows the brand to engage with the customers on many different levels

5) Less stressful & reduces the time-consuming customer support representative scenarios

In a mobile-first world, 6 out of the Top 10 most-used apps globally are messaging apps. Intelligent chatbots are the new interfaces for these apps, which are changing the way businesses interact with their audience. Some of the biggest upcoming future trends of Chatbots are -

  • Intelligent virtual assistants, bots that are more human alike
  • Customer insights (sentiment analysis) will drive chatbot's behaviour
  • Voice bots will become mainstream
  • Chatbots will automate payment
  • Social media will dominate the adoption of AI

All in all, Chatbots are not the thing of the future anymore for customer service. It is prospering across diverse business functions and consumer applications, allowing brands more opportunities to engage with customers in new and different ways!

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Author: Heta Desai (Managing Director)


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