It is a question that is often repeated in Tech and PR, and rightly so. A startup needs at least 1-2 years to start minting profits and if you ask them to do PR in the middle of that, which is an added expense, they're going to be a bit hesitant. However, not all of us quite understand what PR is and why it is essential for any business. Especially now during Covid-19, when networking events have been replaced with zoom calls, it has become imperative for any startup to have PR.

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PR is Public Relations, with the focus being more on 'Relations’. It not only provides your business more exposure within the industry but also ensures your business reaches out to the people who would otherwise be unaware of it. Getting your name out there is how you'll build relationships and brand recognition. The chances of someone working with you when they've heard your name in the industry are more than when they're only hearing it for the first time, and this is where brand recognition comes into play and the way to achieve that is PR. Brand recognition may sound easy but it's a hill road of its own. Approaching the right journalists, whose audience overlaps with your own, is key.


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PR leads to leads (pun intended) and acquisition costs are lowered drastically. A lot of times, startups have found that PR pays for itself by bringing in new leads and ultimately generating business for the company. Now whether you hire a PR company or have an internal team handle it for you is up to you and how you want to handle the business goals & budget. But knowing what you want and what you expect out of PR is important to keep in mind. One big mistake startups make is keeping PR as a one-time activity, instead of a retention activity which could help build their brand’s notion amongst the audience, ultimately bringing in new business. PR should be a continuous activity for any business to build brand recognition and portray the brand as an expert in your industry. Along with promoting your business, you should also be promoting the visionary behind it - the owner.

This is where Public relation for startups becomes a +1 activity, promoting both the business and the owner helps relate to the human side of the target audience. Giving a face to your business, the owner in this case, helps build trust for a longstanding relationship with your community. To get ahead of your competitors, you must be in the talks within the industry and be vouched for by other credible sources, because people trust earned media more than traditional ads. Having a strong story coupled with good messaging and PR strategy, is what will give you that edge over your competitors. A strong story that is relatable and gives your business the human touch is what adds to your brand's recall value. If you're still on the fence about doing PR for your business, let us tell you that PR is the icing on the cake for the exposure that doesn't happen by chance, you need to get your business out there to grab clients!

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Author : Heta Desai (Managing Director)

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