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Technical SEO involves the set of practices that handle the technical aspects of the website. These have a significant contribution when it comes to improving SERP rankings. With technical SEO optimization, you assist search engine bots to crawl, index, and rank your website with ease. An increase in organic rankings has a tremendous impact on organic traffic and revenue. Technical SEO comprises of multiple factors such as page speed, XML sitemap, robots, image optimization, HTTP status codes, identification of crawl errors, metadata, etc.

Technical SEO helps businesses:

  • Increase website reach across different channels
  • Improves website speed
  • Create structured data


Technical SEO is the pillar of all SEO campaigns. Without optimization of the technical factors, you cannot improve the overall SERP ranking of the website. That is why patience, skill, and expertise play a critical role. As a prominent seo company in Mumbai, we offer a wide array of SEO services in Mumbai.

We assess the existing SEO campaigns or the condition of the website before conducting an audit. After that, the leading seo agency in Mumbai creates top-notch strategies for brands!

Technical SEO Approach

A thorough technical SEO audit

The first step includes a detailed assessment of the existing technical SEO of the website. Here, different parameters are checked, such as crawl errors, broken links, XML sitemap submission, etc. After that, our experts analyze the gaps and create an in-depth report.

Implementation of SSL

Security is one of the most crucial aspects of any website. SSL or Secure Sockets Layer offers protection to the website, making it more secure. Applying SSL increases the trustworthiness of the website. As a result, you will witness an influx of traffic.

Elimination of broken links

Broken links lead to a bad user experience. If the user doesn't get what they are looking for after clicking on a link, they are highly unlikely to come back. That is why we identify broken links and set up 301 redirects. Besides, search engines also fail to crawl the page due to broken links.

Decrease website loading speed

Can you remember the last time you revisited a website that didn't load fast enough? You can't! Users generally wait for 3-4 seconds before dropping out. If the website doesn't load quickly, you can expect a significant drop in traffic. The ideal solution is to compress images, decrease HTTP requests, etc.


As the bestcompany for seo service in Navi Mumbai, Sociomark delivers a wide array of SEO services. We offer our expertise to startups, large companies, and more to help them attain visibility in the digital domain. For that, the prominent seo company in Navi Mumbai creates and executes excellent SEO strategies.

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