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On-page SEO involves the practice of optimizing web pages in order to improve the website's SEO. Ultimately, this contributes to improvement in the SERP (search engine result page) ranking, drives organic traffic to the website, and increases organic revenue. On-page SEO includes optimization of headlines, images, HTML tags, etc. It also involves the incorporation of high-quality content while ensuring that it is unique, relevant, and plagiarism-free. The importance of on-page SEO lies in the fact that it assists search engines to understand the website and identify if it’s relevant to what the searchers want.

On-page SEO aids businesses in:

  • Boosting brand visibility
  • Improving overall SERP ranking
  • Increasing sales


On-page SEO is a critical part of any SEO campaign. However, it is a continuous journey and requires expertise to make the campaign successful. As the leading seo company in Mumbai, we have a team of esteemed experts. We boast of delivering top-notch seo services in Mumbai.

With years of expertise, the best seo agency in Mumbai offers excellent services for clients. For that, we assess the existing condition and curate a detailed plan for the campaign.

On-page SEO Approach

SEO audit

The first step includes a detailed SEO audit of the website. It is mainly done to see what is working and which areas need further improvement. Our SEO audit includes content quality check, scanning for metadata and keyword optimization, page speed assessment, etc. After that, a plan is created to optimize the gaps found.

Content writing and optimization

Content plays a critical role in on-page SEO. If the website lacks relevant content, our experts ensure high-quality yet accurate content is uploaded. In case, content is already present, it is optimized to make it SEO-friendly. These include the addition of relevant keywords, adding top-quality images, integrating links, etc.

Keyword research

Another crucial component of on-page SEO is keyword research. Keywords are basically words or phrases that match the user intent. Keyword research involves finding the right search terms keeping in mind the search intent of the user. Long-tail keywords bring quality traffic when compared to short-tail ones.

HTML tags optimization

HTML tags include title tags, meta description tags, heading tags, canonical tags, meta robots tags, heading tags, schema markup, image alt text, etc. Optimization of all these HTML tags is necessary for improving the SERP ranking of the website. The incorporation of keywords within these tags aids in increasing brand visibility.


Sociomark is, without a doubt, the best seo agency in Navi Mumbai. With a team of proficient SEO experts, the leading seo company in Navi Mumbai offers reliable and efficient services. We aim to help startups, established businesses, and others gain footing in the online landscape.

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