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Have you come across the term “mobile-first”? It is basically a marketing strategy that involves designing or optimizing websites to make them compatible with mobile devices first and then adapting them for large screens. With this mobile-first approach creating buzz, it has become incredibly significant to focus on mobile SEO. But what is it? Mobile SEO is the implementation of practices that enable mobile users to view the website flawlessly. The key to a successful mobile SEO campaign is to have an accurate understanding of its difference from desktop SEO. There are several extra factors, such as page organization, operating system, user location, screen size, etc., that play a crucial role.

Mobile SEO helps businesses in:

  • Decreasing the bounce rate on your website
  • Attaining a better user experience
  • Getting higher SEO rankings


Mobile SEO is a critical SEO strategy that can deliver success to the brand. However, assistance from the best seo company in Mumbai can help you navigate these complicated online marketing waters. As a well-known seo agency in Mumbai, our team of esteemed experts delivers excellent seo services in Mumbai.

Mobile SEO Approach

Optimize descriptions and titles

Optimization of the meta descriptions and title tags can aid in increasing the CTR of the webpage significantly. For that, make sure the title tag is within the 50-60 characters limit. For meta descriptions, keep it within 120 characters. Try to include primary keywords.

Improve page speed

The loading speed of the website is a crucial factor in improving user experience. When using mobile devices, people do not want to wait for more than a few seconds to get the information needed. Checking the existing page speed and working on reducing it is an ideal strategy.

Create content for mobile

Content that you use for other platforms is not perfect for mobile devices. To make the content more readable, opt for smaller paragraphs explaining a single idea. Opting for a shorter introduction is a better idea. You need to get the audience hooked right away.

Avoid intrusive pop-ups

Does anyone really like pop-ups? These pop-ups are frustrating and make it impossible for the user to close the screen. Instead, you can opt for pop-ups that verify age or gender or accept cookies. If people leave the website, they are unlikely to come back again.


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