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Local SEO is the process that involves the optimization of the website to make it more visible for local search results. Businesses often get confused between SEO and local SEO. However, it is vital to understand that local SEO focuses more on making the website relevant for the local area. It is especially effective for businesses with a regional presence instead of a national one. That way, you can capture the attention of the people seeking a local store nearby. Besides, if the business has a physical office or location, local SEO is much more favorable.

Local SEO helps businesses to:

  • Improve conversion rates
  • Get more traffic on the website
  • Attain local repeat customers


Local SEO, when integrated with other SEO strategies, yields incredible results for the brand. However, expert guidance and attention to detail are essential to achieve success with local SEO. As a prominent seo company in Mumbai, we offer top-rated seo services in Mumbai with the help of a crew of skilled professionals. The leading seo agency in Mumbai assesses the existing campaigns, understands the gaps, and implements actions accordingly.

Local SEO Approach

Create a Google My Business profile

A GMB or Google My Business profile is crucial for increasing the visibility of the business. If it's not yet created, it must be done immediately. And if it is created, make sure it is properly optimized. For instance, you can include keywords when writing the business description.

Extensive competitor keyword research

Local SEO can not only help you rank on the result page, but also outrank the competitors. But for that, you need to know the keywords they are using for a better ranking. Different tools can be used for an in-depth competitive analysis of the local keywords.

Building links

Building local links is crucial for the growth of your company. Reach out to relevant businesses or personalities and have a chat about the benefits of linking to your website. It is also an excellent way to boost community engagement.

Create local content

To grab the attention of local customers, the content must be tailored to local news or events. Try to look out for exciting stories or upcoming events in a particular area. You can also focus on developing videos that highlight the local community in a positive way.


As the best seo company in Mumbai, Sociomark boasts of delivering high-quality SEO services. Our experienced SEO professionals understand the need of the client and curate innovative yet reliable strategies. Moreover, we also focus on a customized plan as every business has different requirements.

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