Nowadays, it has become extremely important to stay up-to-date with the trends that are constantly changing. In the world of Instagram, where data is abundant to be consumed by millions of its users, the question is how to stand out and how to be in the eyes in a way that benefits you, be it from your online business perspective or for getting enough engagement to your account. After all, our Instagram accounts are our identities in the virtual world.

One of the most successful features of Instagram- Reels has changed the digital media as we consume it today. Reels are indulging, informative, and entertaining short videos in a vertical format that can be used to promote oneself, one's brand, in pursuit of getting a higher number of viewers, to increase the reach of the particular account. You can add sound effects, and trending music from a vast plethora of music lists available on Instagram. These Reels are meant to be attractive, catchy, and creative, and should be made in resonance with whatever is trending.

With a dedicated “Reels” tab on the Instagram app, it is a gateway to get in the eyes of the umpteen crowd just by a touch on the screen literally. Reels invite more and more audiences to the account, and the more creative, the catchier Reels that you made, the more chance there is of it getting an extraordinary amount of reach, according to the Instagram algorithm. And it’s as much about the show game as it is about creating on Instagram. Reels are therefore a very significant feature for anyone trying to pursue something big in the online world of Instagram. With more reach, it sure is going to bring a huge number of followers as well.


But since anyone and everyone is making Reels, the question is how should you create to not be left behind in the race? There are a few tips on how to make your Reels more fun, or more useful, or more attractive, or maybe all of them simultaneously.

Create fascinating content to attract more and more people to watch your Reels.

Use trending audio tracks. Even if the audio/music isn’t most suitable for your video content, if the music is famous, and trending, then it might work wonders for your account as well.

Stay consistent and try to follow a routine. The higher your Reels count would be, the better. Don't upload them randomly throughout the week or day. Try to keep a routine. The algorithm helps, even more, that way.

Avoid watching your reels from your account after uploading them. It gives the algorithm an impression that you tend to increase the views by watching the reels yourself.

Use proper hashtags and an appropriate caption with your reels. Don’t use any hashtags. The hashtags used should relate to your content category to reach a more interested audience.


The game of Reels demands attention, time, effort, creativity, and awareness to benefit enough from them to increase your profile's reach. Try to enjoy the process, maintaining the needed discipline as well. Or you can always get in touch with Sociomark and can choose to create trends instead of following them.


Author : Darwin Anthony (Social Media Manager)

Reviewed By : Heta Baandal , Managing Director - Sociomark

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