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One of the most crucial pillars of SEO is content strategy. Without high-quality and relevant content, you cannot attract the audience's attention. Moreover, search engine bots will not find your website suitable for high SERP ranking. That is why focusing on creating the best content strategy is of utmost importance. A content strategy aids in defining marketing goals and helps you achieve tangible results. Besides, the plan will assist in a better understanding of how the content can support the end goals. Setting up the content strategy requires the identification of the target audience, choosing the keywords list, and optimization of the existing content.

Content strategy helps companies to:

  • Ensure the content supports the goals.
  • Upload high-quality content.
  • Improve ROI.


The primary purpose of devising the content strategy is to ensure that meaningful, premium-quality, and engaging content is created to meet the end goals of the company. For an innovative content plan, you can take assistance from the leading seo agency in Mumbai. With a crew of esteemed professionals, the best seo company in Mumbai offers excellent seo services in Mumbai.

Content Strategy Approach

Identify the target audience

To create the best content strategy, the first step is to discover the target audience. For that, you need to set up the buyer personas. Knowing more about their pain points, needs, and requirements will help in the identification of the target audience.

Conduct in-depth keyword research

The next step involves investing a significant amount of time in keyword research. Here, you can make a list of the right keywords so that you can use them throughout the content. That way, you can create several topics where you can incorporate the keywords.

Choose topics with high TP (traffic potential)

You cannot simply choose any topic you want for the brand. Instead, you need to pick the ones which have high search traffic potential. For that, you need to find keywords with high TP and then frame content around them.

Opt for different types of content formats

Writing in one content format is a bad idea. You don't want to bore the audience. That is why using different content formats is an excellent idea. These include blogs, articles, videos, eBooks, podcasts, polls, infographics, etc. Besides, you need to analyze the type of content that your audiences prefer.


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