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Are your SEO efforts not giving the desired results? Are your competitors reaching the goals you have set for your business? To understand the digital landscape better, competitor analysis is essential. In fact, it is a critical part of any SEO strategy. Competitor analysis is the research of competitors of your business. Assessing a detailed report on the weaknesses and strengths of the competitors will help you derive fruitful insights. With an in-depth competitive analysis, you can understand the gaps within the existing SEO campaigns. You can also identify areas that need improvement. Knowing more about competitor gaps will ensure you don't make the same mistakes.

Competitor analysis aids companies in the:

  • Understand areas that need improvement.
  • Discover the weakness of the competitors.
  • Refrain from making the same mistakes.


Competitor analysis is a vital part of SEO campaigns. That way, you can stay one step ahead of your contenders. Here, the best seo agency in Mumbai can help you out. We offer top-rated seo services in Mumbai, with the assistance of a team of skilled and experienced SEO professionals.

Competitor Analysis Approach

Make a list of the competitors

The first step is to accumulate the names of the competitors of your brand. If the business hasn't yet made a list of its competitors, SEO experts can easily take into account the website that ranks high on the SERP. Besides, there are various tools that can be used to get the competitor's list.

Assess the top pages of the competitors

After the competitor list is made, it is vital to check out the top pages. For that, you need to consider the page that has the maximum keywords with high rankings. Apart from that, you must take into account the traffic volume.

Identify keyword gaps

Businesses might already have keywords that are ranking. But if the competitors have a better ranking for the same keywords, you need to pay attention. To rank the keywords, make the site structure user-friendly, check the quality of the existing content, build links, etc.

Compare content

Another thing that is critical for SERP ranking is content. For that, a comparison between the content of your brand and competitors is important. Reviewing the content manually will aid in scoping out the weaknesses or strengths. Here, quality, length, and types need to be considered.


Sociomark is a well-known seo company in Navi Mumbai. We take great pride in our tea of skilled SEO experts and deliver a wide range of SEO services. From us, you can expect an accurate and detailed competitor analysis report. After that, changes can be made to make your SEO campaigns successful.

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