Diageo is a multinational beverage company that comes up with the unique collections of brands across spirit and beer. Diageo as its corporate social responsibility, are working to make the road safer with ‘Road to Safety- Towards responsible Youth’. Diageo has its partnership with India and other countries that promote road to safety with a pledge ‘Never Drink & Drive’. In India, the Diageo is associated with Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MoRTH) namely Diageo India. The media partner includes The Firstpost and Network 18 Media who promote the initiative with social media copies and several other programmes. The Firstpost is associated with the UTM link for the pledge “I Will Never Drink & Drive” which is linked to their social media pages.

A Moment of Pride - @Diageorts was recognized by Social Samosa for their efforts in spreading the awareness about Road Safety, from a quirky & unique perspective. Through their article, they highlighted our best creatives, videos & hashtags we used for the campaign. We are happy and motivated at the same time, to do more in the coming future...Read More


Our primary obstacle was the initiative itself which was very common. There were many institutions and organizations which were promoting the same initiative in different ways and hence we needed to stand out differently from them. Also, we want to add the best out of the box idea that will highlight the same initiative in such a way that the audience must not only remember this road safety initiative but also follow it in the manner we want.


As per 2014 reports, India used to hold 12% of global road accidents and 72% victims which were involved in such mishaps was among the age group of 15-44 years where speed, reckless and drunk driving itself are responsible for 1.5% of road accidents.

Our objective was to create awareness regarding road safety with all the minutes associated with road safety in such a way that we can attract our target audience. Our target audience was among age 18- 45 but mostly the young drivers. Our sole purpose was to shift the only drivers to responsible drivers. Along with it, we also want to urge them to take the pledge on that “I Will Never Drink & Drive” .


Our solution included the doodles, creative copies and factual posts for promotion. On the other hand, the media partners of Diageo India were up on their toes to promote the initiative on their social media handles. Therefore, we opted for quirky doodles which will uniquely promote all road safety minutes. Our entire promotion went with #DriveResponsibly.


With our #DriveResponsibly, we made different creative and doodles in which we focused on-

  • Don’t Drink & Drive
  • Wear Helmet and Seatbelt
  • Do not Over speed
  • Do not use Mobile Phone while driving
  • Obey Traffic Rules & Signals
  • Do not Drowse while driving
  • Respect Pedestrians

These quirky posts were boosted up among all social media handles that not only helped in promotion but also entertained our audience. We used several hashtags like #BollywoodGoneWrong #RoadSafety #WearAHelmet #WearSeatbelt #AlcoholKiKasam #NeverDrink&Drive #NeverUseMobilePhoneWhileDriving etc. along with the above posts to make it viral in a broad way.


We are well-versed with the bond of love and security i.e. Raksha Bandhan. Hence, we came up with the unique contest “Never Break the Bandhan” during Raksha Bandhan week where we asked social media users to post their selfies with their vehicle tied by Rakhi to mention your relationship that you share with your vehicle and to tell us why this "Raksha Ka Bandhan" is important while driving!!


We came up with another contest with #ThankYouPolice to thank the superheroes of the nation who help us in our bad situation. We asked the social media users to participate in our contest by telling us the memorable moment where he/she was helped by the police and thank him with our #ThankYouPolice .

Finally, we promoted the entire campaign with the only sole purpose, to urge the young drivers to take a pledge “I Will Never Drink & Drive”. The pledge was taken by visiting . For season 1 the pledges were up to 1.3 million.


As the entire campaign was running on our social media handles, we followed the likes, comments, tweets, re-tweets, shares and views, also all other aspects associated with it. We were successful in achieving our target in likes, impressions, views and engagements.