Brand Introduction :

NODWIN Gaming, South Asia's leading esports company, is an independent subsidiary of the mobile gaming company Nazara Technologies. Formed in 2014, the India-based company has since produced over 10,000 hours of gaming content, has been watched by over 100 million+ viewers, and organized 100+ gaming and esports events.

Through its strategic partnerships with global publishers and partners including ESL, Valve, Blizzard, and Tencent, NODWIN Gaming has introduced Indians to some of the best global experiences such as Dreamhack & the ESL India Premiership. NODWIN Gaming builds and manages its own esports IPs and currently operates in India, the Middle East, and Africa.


As part of our Social Media strategy, our main roadblock was to increase & strengthen NODWIN's presence amidst an exponentially booming ecosystem of gaming & esports.

India is already seeing a lot of players in this sector, that are striving hard to bring some of the finest global experiences to the audience.


To create a year-long sustaining campaign, which will have certain elements relatable to the brand's tone of voice & can engage the audience in an organic way.

Throughout the year, NODWIN organizes new IPs or associates with big brands for esports tournaments.

The campaign pegs should be organized in such a way that they will amplify the events/tournaments in order to encourage more registrations.


In India, at first, the in-general scenario was like - there's no future in gaming. The perspective of parents was their kids are wasting time in playing games, rather than growing academically. But it changed eventually, now gamers are earning more than their technical or any other career counterpart. So, to leverage this, our main thought was 'Don't Stop Believing', if you can dream it, you can surely be one of India's top esports athletes.

To create a strong presence amidst this rise, our key buckets for NODWIN Gaming were - taking the Minimalistic route, remembering the good old days through Nodstalgia, catching the trends from a gamer's perspective, adding some gamified Memes in this recipe & asking questions that the community will relate to.


The year-long tenure had some ups & downs, but the overall journey was an exponential graph, and it is still rising. We started off with some good old nostalgia - remembering the games from the 90s, then leveraging the faces of the Indian Gaming Community - we engaged the audience in a quirky way. Instagram was a major part of this brand-building exercise, so we capitalized using the stories, reels, engaging screenshot-centric posts, illustrative route & highlight-worthy clips from the ongoing tournaments. Twitter played its part through messaging that a gamer can relate to. Basically, the tweets portrayed the feelings/emotions of a gamer in a funny way.

One of the humorous copy land moments from this journey was our 'Among us' themed Dussehra Creative was copied by a merchandise-centric page.

One of the proud moments was that our Halloween themed cosplay related campaign was featured in Social Samosa. Check out our Halloween campaign for Cosplaygenie(NODWIN's property).



With a purely organic approach, our journey with NODWIN Gaming levelled up their Social Media game, the final score looked like this -

(Though we have already respawned for another year :D)


Community Growth

20K to 50K

Instagram Level up




Video Views