Search Engine Optimization is an unavoidable technique that can improve your website ranking significantly. However, mastering effective techniques for SEO is not easy, and you need to work hard on it. Many SEO tools are available presently that will help you optimize your website perfectly. These tools are rich in features, and they are tested to give top-notch results. This post shall highlight the top 10 SEO tools that are a hot cake in the market.

  1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a top SEO analysis tool with exceptional features. It highlights the portions of your website that needs enhancement to improve your ranking on popular search engines. Ahrefs can help you figure out the backlinks of the competing websites, and thus, you can use them to improve your brand value online.

Besides determining backlinks, Ahrefs is your trusted partner for searching effective keywords, tracking SERP ranking, SEO auditing, searching popular content topics, etc. This SEO tool has the largest database comprising of the backlinks of all websites. Therefore, you can find out suitable backlinks with Ahref and use them to improve your website.

  1. SEMRush

SEMRush is a popular SEO marketing tool that allows evaluating the ranking of a website. Moreover, you can use this tool to figure out the modifications your website requires and the effective ranking scopes. Website owners can use the Domain Vs Domain feature of SEMRush to find out where their competitors have left them behind.

This tool will help you with analytics reports based on your website’s traffic, competitors, and search data. You can also compare keywords and domains with similar websites and implement them in your web application.

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  1. Moz Pro

Moz Pro is a favourite SEO tool of experts since it is always up-to-date despite sudden modifications in Google’s algorithms. One of the crucial features of this tool is its round the clock support for users. You can use the chat portal to clarify any doubts you have and get instant responses.

This tool recommends highly effective keywords and acts as an excellent site crawler. Moz Pro offers a free MozBar toolbar that enables you to check your website’s metrics while going through its webpages.

  1. SpyFu

SpyFu is available in both free and premium versions. This tool allows checking the number of times users search for a specific keyword in a month. Besides, you can use SpyFu to find out the raking issues related to a keyword.

SpyFu has top-class keyword researching features that will help you find out the number of organic keywords your website has. You can plug in the domain of a competitor and obtain vital information related to its SEO techniques.

  1. KWFinder

If you are looking for long tail keywords having fewer competitors in the market, use KWFinder without a doubt. This tool is a favourite of SEO experts looking for the most effective keywords related to a website. You can analyse the backlinks and SERP of your website using this SEO tool.

KWFinder allows users to track the ranking of their websites using its Rank Tracker feature. Besides, this tool suggests a large number of suitable keywords that can enhance your position on the SERP of popular search engines.

  1. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is a popular keyword tracking tool that allows you to get the best keywords for your website for free of cost. You can also figure out the thought of users behind searching for these keywords by viewing the top rank-holders on SERPs.

This tool has top-class features that give a clear idea about keyword volume, CPC, and the latest trends. You can determine whether the keyword you are using is worth targeting and the competition surrounding it. Ubersuggest is the best tool for websites catering to both PPC and organic SEO.

  1. Woorank

You can track your marketing data effortlessly using the paid or free features of Woorank. This tool allows analysing the websites of competitors to find out in detail about the keywords they are targeting.

Woorank is the perfect tool to find out the loopholes in your website that are hindering its performance. This tool allows tracking plagiarised content, privacy issues, and downtime of a website. You can also resolve these problems effectively using the top-class features of Woorank.

  1. Google Trends

Google Trends is the perfect tool to learn in-depth about a specific keyword and understand the latest trend revolving around a website type. You can use this tool for finding out keywords in different countries across the globe. Google Trends also enlighten website owners with the latest queries, geographical locations, and interest over time.

This SEO tool will resolve your doubts regarding the top trends you should follow. Therefore, you can incorporate these trends and improve the visibility of your website significantly.

  1. Siteliner

Plagiarized or duplicate content can be a huge turn-down for your website, and Siteliner helps you eliminate it. Google will penalize your website severely if you upload duplicate content. However, tools like Siteliner are extremely reliable for figuring out plagiarized content and removing them.

Siteliner scans a website and finds broken links, duplicate content, the number of internal links in a page, and other valuable data. Therefore, you can use this tool to figure out the flaws in your website that are reducing its ranking on SERPs.


Author : Naveen Subramaniam (SEO Executive)

Reviewed By : Heta Baandal , Managing Director - Sociomark

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