When you think of your digital marketing strategy, do podcasts cross your mind? Probably not. Amidst blogging and other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, Podcasts are often overlooked. However, it is a mistake most businesses are making currently. With an estimated 40 million podcast listeners in India, the sector is witnessing a 60% growth as new firms and new shows swamp the market. There are different podcasts out there talking about innumerable topics and we’re sure you’ll find one that you like.(Source: livemint)

The top podcast list on Spotify (a Swedish audio streaming app) India includes- The Ranveer Show, a motivational program hosted by Ranveer Allahbadia, TED Talks Daily, Harry Potter At Home: Readings, and The Michelle Obama Podcast. Meanwhile, Gaana and JioSaavn have also reported an increase in the time listeners spent listening to podcasts on the platforms. (Source: livemint) If this wasn’t enough to convince you, below are a few reasons why you should include podcasts in your digital marketing strategy.

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1) Current popularity:

India had an estimated 700 million internet users in 2020. Podcasts have been growing exponentially in the last few years and the pandemic induced lockdown gave a boost to their usage for branding purposes.

2) Cross-medium potential:

Podcasts also have the potential to be used in multiple formats. For example, if you record a video interview with an industry stalwart, you could then release it as a video, audio and as a blog (using transcription), capitalizing on the content in three ways.

3) Accessibility:

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Podcasts cater to a large demographic of people who are not readers but listeners. When you focus only on visual media, you leave out an entire group of people who absorb information differently. People can listen to podcasts while doing their chores or whatever else they’re doing. This gives them the opportunity to interact with your content any way they want, without having to stop what they are doing. The easier you make it for people to interact with your content, the chances of them doing so increases tenfold.

4) Brand visibility:

Marketers know the value of brand visibility. Getting your brand out there in front of as many people as possible is key to your business’ growth.

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Incorporate podcast ideas in your digital marketing strategy as it is one more platform with an active audience to reach. If your brand is on all social media platforms as well as using an up-and-coming content medium like podcasts, you get a competitive advantage over your competitors.

5) Niche targeting:

Podcast examples are usually about a specific topic that people want to discuss or learn about. If you advertise your product on a relevant topic, the chances of generating leads are higher. People listening to those podcasts are usually more captivated with your ads if they’re relevant to the content they’re listening to.


Keeping the above benefits in mind, think of podcasts as a new medium of content marketing. The best way to integrate podcasts into your content marketing strategy is by going slow at first and building an audience. The end goal of any content marketing strategy is to provide value to the target audience. The more value you provide, the more trust you build together with your audience. More trust leads to your brand being positioned as an expert in the niche. If you’re still on the fence about podcasting or how to start a podcast, feel free to contact us on or DM us on our socials for assistance!

Author : Heta Desai (Managing Director)

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