How to grow your YouTube channel? one of the most common questions that every ambitious creator or YouTuber has on his mind. With over 1 billion people visiting YouTube, it's technically the second largest search engine in the world. Amidst this isolation, you might be thinking about how you can leverage this platform & grow your brand recognition.                                                                

As video content is becoming increasingly important, businesses are now turning to this medium as a method to adapt to this new normal. Let's dive straight into the 4 most effective ways, with which you can grow your YouTube channel.

1) Create videos around a single Keyword/Topic

Create videos around a single Keyword

When it comes to YouTube videos, keyword research is extremely important. Choosing the appropriate keywords will get you to the top of the list, however, the wrong keywords will bury your videos way down in the search results. 

It’s essential to pick your keyword before you even create your video content because it helps you build the best interactive information hub around that specific topic. Once you have made the choice, check out the top videos around that topic & make sure you're on the right track in terms of intent. Reminder - Please don't forget to optimize your title and descriptions.

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2) Increase your Uploading frequency

Increase your Uploading frequency

This may sound obvious & intimidating at first, but exponential growth requires exponential efforts. You must adopt a '1 video per week' strategy to engage your audience at a consistent rate. Try to post at the same time and keep your subscribers updated on your schedule. When you upload routinely, you increase your chances of gaining regular viewers. Along with the frequency or quantity of your content and keeping a consistent routine, make sure to focus on the quality as well. Your content has to be unique, it has to have a mass appeal and focus on a problem-solving approach. For a person looking for a solution, your content should be their saviour. 

3) Test thumbnail options with AdWords

Test thumbnail options with AdWords

Thumbnails are like the bull's eye of making your viewer take action. They may seem like a small thing but can create a huge impact. Videos with a catchy title & an appealing thumbnail, usually have a higher click-through-rate (CTR). Also, you won't know if a thumbnail will work unless you test it.

With the help of Google AdWords, create several options to test your thumbnails. To see which thumbnail gets the highest view-through rate (VTR), spend $10 per day for about a week, a beneficial tactic if you're running a campaign. From the similarities of the top-performing videos, create the future thumbnails, a process that teaches us a lot about the behaviour of your TG.

4) Add End Screens to promote your Videos, Channel, or Website

Add End Screens to promote your Videos, Channel, or Website

Image Credits - YT/Tom Scott

End screens are the 'interactive graphics' that links to another video, playlist, channel, or web page, or it's a way to prompt someone to subscribe to your channel. As the name hints, you can add end screens only in the last 20 seconds of your video, so you must plan where the end screens will appear.

Put some thought into where viewers will go after watching your video and send them there via end screens. They tend to work best if the person is still talking & giving information, providing a reason for the users to stick around. 

If you want to be more effective with your YouTube strategy & grow on the platform exponentially, let's not waste more time. We assist brands with their YouTube tactics, optimizing the content in such a way that your story gets the maximum exposure possible. Reach out to us on business@sociomark.in or DM us on our socials and we’ll be glad to help!

Author - Darwin Anthony (Social Media Manager)

Reviewed By : Heta Baandal , Managing Director - Sociomark

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