We are all living in the age of digital media. Social media constantly keeps upgrading its features, making it convenient for users. Everybody is glued to various social media platforms today. It is not only beneficial to people but also to companies for marketing purposes. Thus, they must hire a digital marketing company that caters to social media services to enhance their online presence. Instagram is one of the most used social networking apps in India. It never stops growing and keeps updating its features. Here are the New Instagram Updates and Features for Marketers in 2023: 


  1. Instagram Grid Pinning: Do you want to attract attention to a specific Instagram post? Now, you can pin it on the top of your profile by using Instagram's grid pinning feature. It can be beneficial for highlighting one's most popular content, drawing attention to an ongoing promotion, or showcasing an event. 



1- Verified tick on Instagram: Instagram users can now buy a verified tick for their account for a monthly fee of Rs. 699. Verified ticks avoid the impersonation of a person or a brand.


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2- Comment with a GIF: Till now, Users have been able to add GIFs to their stories or personal chats. However, now Instagram allows users to comment with a GIF. It helps in adding expression and fun to the conversation. To post a GIF, a user can go to the comments section, look for the GIF icon and comment a GIF of their choice. 


 3- Music in notes: Notes feature on Instagram got very popular the time it was launched. Users could drop a short text of their mood. Now, it has become more fun as users can embed songs in the notes section, which helps evoke conversations.


 4- New Collaborative Collections on Instagram: Users can now create collaborative folders and save reels together. It is an interesting way to communicate and exchange ideas with your friends. 


 5- Dynamic Avatars profile photos on Instagram: One can now put their animated avatars to use. The Avatars will flip when somebody visits their Instagram profile.


6- Incorporate multiple links to Instagram Bio: Now, creators can add up to 5 links to their Instagram bio. Their followers can discover more about the content creators have to share. 




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Instagram is a renowned social media platform and thus it is an excellent medium for companies to promote their business where people are already spending a lot of time. It is a great way too boost brand awareness, boost sales and enhance audience engagement. Sociomark a Social Media Agency in Mumbai can help you in Instagram marketing campaign

Author: Deepak Nagre (Creative Strategist) 

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