What is Google My Business & how it works

21 December 2018

As per the Google’s own definition, Google My Business is an easy-to-use tool for businesses and organizations to manage their online presence across Google, including Google Search & Google Maps. By verifying and editing your business information on Google My Business, you can help people find your business on Google. So, let’s go deep inside Google My Business and know how it works.

Google’s core products/services are Search & Maps. Google wants people to feed infinite data into these products so that world can use these products more and more effectively and consistently. That’s why Google introduced Google My Business, a platform where local businesses can list themselves on Google. Here, both Google and the businesses have their own profits in different ways- Google gets data and businesses get potential customers.

How Google My Business Works

Imagine you are a business owner. If you want to list your business on Google so that people can find it on Google Search and Google Maps, you will have to claim or add your business on Google My Business platform. Now, if you are tech-savvy and familiar with Google’s business-related products, you can do it by your own or you can simply outsource this task to an internet marketing agency in your city. Once you submit your business details to Google My Business, you will need to verify your business ownership by entering a code (sent to your business’ postal address, by Google) in the Google My Business platform.

Once you verify your business, Google will review and start showing business in Google search and Google Maps. But when Google will show your business to the users? That’s the important factor which you need to understand. This whole process depends on how well you optimize your business details. That’s why we recommend business owners not to preform this task by their own; handover it to a responsible digital marketing company, where experts will perform this task. A well optimized business listing will rank high on Google whenever user will search for it. But the optimization is not the only ranking factor. There are several other factors too. Want to know more about Google My Business? Don’t forget to visit our website and read our blog regularly. You can subscribe to our YouTube Channel to get timely updates of digital marketing trends.

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